A quality set of measuring spoons takes the guesswork out of recipes. There are many inexpensive and flimsy sets available, but you’ll want to spend a few more dollars on a set that’s easy to read and care for, and nice enough to become heirlooms. When you’re ready to prepare a recipe just right, here are three things to consider when choosing measuring spoons.

Top Pick

These attach to a removable loop to prevent loss. New Star Foodservice

Measuring spoons come in a variety of materials, from plastic to metal, or even handcrafted wood. Stainless steel is by far the most durable choice, it’s easy to clean up, and it can stand up to abuse if you slam things into kitchen drawers.

Great Value

The colored handles on this assortment make it easy to recognize sizes at a glance. U-Taste

Look at how the words and numbers appear on the handles and make sure they’re easy to read and can stand up to dozens of rounds in a dishwasher. Numbers embossed or printed on plastic can wear off over time, and even metal spoons with cheaply etched figures can become hard to read. Get deeply etched numbers that are large enough to see when the spoon is resting on your counter.

Also Consider

This set comes with a leveler attachment for precise sizing. Spring Chef

Many measuring spoon sets paired with a set of measuring cups means you can measure ten different amounts, from ¼ teaspoon up to one cup. Buying a set of cups and spoons together also means everything will look and feel the same in your hand.