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Flip-flops are great for protecting your feet when you’re dressing casually. They’re easy to slip on and off and can put a buffer between you and mold or bacteria in warm, moist places like locker rooms. Just make sure to find a flip flop with a footbed that’s tailored for the activities you plan to enjoy. Most are made from durable rubber, synthetics, or leather, but they all share a common design theme, so if you remember a few takeaways when you shop, you’ll have no problem finding your next pair.

This pair has anatomically correct arch supports. REEF

Just because flip-flops come in standard sizes doesn’t mean they always fit like your shoes or boots. As a rule of thumb, look for flip flops with soles that extend about a half-inch beyond your longest toe and at the side of your foot against your smallest toe joint. Less than that and you run the risk of stubbing your toes.

Great Value

This pair is double stitched for durability. Rainbow Sandals

Part of the beauty of flip-flops is they are easy to put on and take off. The strap that fits between your toes can be rubber, cotton, leather, or synthetic material, but whatever it is, it shouldn’t stretch and should be snug enough to hold your foot without being too tight or causing blisters, particularly if there is grit like sand on your feet.

This pair has non-marking rubber outsoles. OLUKAI

A flip flop footbed should be thick enough to feel stiff when you try to bend it. Arch support is important if you’re walking farther than from the car to the beach and back, and a padded sole and a footbed that’s contoured or molded to your foot adds comfort.