These are not your grandpa’s flip-flops! Hiking sandals worthy of the name aren’t the best choice for an Everest expedition but for most warm season hiking short of mountain climbing, a great pair of hiking sandals are the bomb. Here’s how to choose your next pair.

This popular hiker features a quick-lace bungee system, and molded EVA midsole and metatarsal supports. KEEN

Great hiking sandals will give your feet the arch support and midsole protection they need for a long hike. Adjustable straps anchor both the instep and heel, and let you loosen for wearing socks or swelling feet and tighten for extra support. Hiking sandals come with both open and closed toe coverage to use depending on the terrain.

This pair is made with a water-resistant and durable synthetic material. Skechers

Good hiking sandals should be made out of tough and durable nylon or leather materials, able to withstand serious abrasion. Water resistance helps the sandal dry quickly and retain less odor from staying damp.

This pair features a rubber lug sole for traction on both wet and dry surfaces. Atika

Smooth soles might be fine for a boat deck or a grocery run, but for hiking and scrambling up trails and through muddy terrain, you want a flexible sole that gives you great traction.