You can tell a lot about a fellow by the choice of his slippers. Some guys just want a pair of quick, clog-like slip-ons for plodding around the house. Others need a tougher pair that might serve double duty as gardening shoes. You can find slippers in practically every conceivable material, from suede to wool, and from cotton to synthetic fabrics. And slipper soles are just as varied. Slippers aren’t a one-size-fits-all-situations purchase, and here are three things to think about before you slip up and make the wrong choice.

Quality Fabrics

These classics are lined with pure wool for breathability and comfort. UGG

Not all slippers are made for all seasons and climates. Those wool-lined mocs that were your best friend on a chilly winter morning might be sweat factories in the summer. Which means you’ll likely need at least a couple of pairs to get you through the year.


This product has a deluxe memory foam footbed for a custom-made feel. Skechers

Of course, bedroom slippers aren’t only for the bedroom. If you think you’ll be tempted to push the fashion edge by donning slippers to the grocery store or gas station, look for rubber outsoles with a bit of tread and a more fitted opening to keep them firmly on your feet. Some slippers almost look like casual summer street shoes, so pulling double duty is easy to pull off.

Great Value

This product has an easy-on and easy-off style perfect for knocking around the house. RockDove

The drawback to a pair of beloved slippers you never want to take off your feet? You might never take them off your feet. Folks that practically live in their slippers should definitely choose a product that will handle machine washing. A removable footbed that can be washed and dried separately is also a good idea. Breathable fabrics will also keep the foot funk to a minimum and keeping foot powder handy might keep your roommates just as in love with your favorite lounge mules as you are.