Are Speedo swim trunks not quite your style? Don’t worry, there are plenty of other great options when it comes to swimwear for men. There is a wide variety of choices you can make to get a pair that’s just right for you. Before you head to the beach or the pool, it’s a good idea to start looking at men’s swim trunks ahead of time so you’re comfortable with not just how you feel, but also how you look.

Top Pick

The waist size is the most important key to finding a proper fit. Kanu Surf

If the waist of your swim trunks doesn’t fit right, then you’re in for some problems. Either you’re stuck in a pair that are too tight and uncomfortable, or you’re in a pair that run the risk of falling off whenever you step foot in the water. Since neither of those things are situations anyone wants to find themselves in, look for swim trunks that stay up without having to use the drawstring. If the drawstring is your only saving grace, then you may be in for some trouble.

Great Value

You should base the optimal length of your choice on your height. Amazon Essentials

Want to look silly in your swim trunks? Didn’t think so. In order to make sure your shorts don’t look awkward on you, shop for a length that corresponds with your height. As a rule of thumb, it’s best to keep the hem of your swim trunks at least three inches above your knee. Longer than that, and shorts are going to look too big on you. If you’re on the shorter side, aim for swim trunks that are no longer than your mid-thigh at the lowest point. This will help create the illusion of longer legs. If you’re on the taller side, you can let your shorts drop down a little lower, as long as they remain three inches above your knee.

Also Consider

The way swim trunks fit around your legs is important because you don’t want material constricting your movements, especially in water. Nonwe

In order to be comfortable and look like you’re wearing the right size of shorts, get a pair that has an extra one-half to one inch on either the inside or outside of your thigh. If you have much more room than that, you run the risk of looking like you’re swimming in your dad’s swim trunks, and that’s a look you’re probably not after.