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Like choosing the right pen or beer, most guys have a very specific brand and model of skivvies they prefer, and they don’t like experimenting. If you’re buying underwear for yourself, you probably know exactly what you want–although our choices here might be enough to make you think about branching out. If you’re buying for a friend, family member, or spouse, our advice is: Don’t wing it. It’s like giving a man an ugly tie. He’ll feel like he has to wear it, and nobody will be happy.

Top Pick

The mesh fly on this pair provides ventilation where you need it. Fruit of the Loom

Know who wants to feel clammy down there? Nobody. Many modern underwater styles are manufactured with breathable fabrics that move moisture away from the body. If that sounds like a good thing, well, it is.

Great Value

These pairs are manufactured without a separate tag in the bag, for maximum comfort. Hanes

Fancy (under)pants are all the rage. You can find them festooned with everything from Scottish plaids to nut-eating squirrels. We’re not suggesting that you romp in public wearing nothing but your drawers. But why not dress in style from the inside out?

Terrific Fit

This product is made with highly breathable 100 percent cotton. Fruit of the Loom

Sometimes a fellow just wants a little classic comfort. If you’re going for the basic whitey-tighty, it’s a good idea to buy briefs made of a moisture-wicking fabric that contains close to 100-percent cotton. You’ll definitely stay cooler in hot weather. A full-cut brief provides great support where you need it and paired with non-binding leg openings with fabric-covered elastic, you’ll hardly know you’re wearing underwear at all. Which is the point.

Also Consider

Ultra-soft Comfort

The leg bands on these pairs won’t ride up. Hanes

Also Consider

These pairs are made with quick-wicking fabric. New Balance