Three Things to Consider Before Buying Patio Furniture Covers

Keep it covered.

If you’ve recently leveled up your patio furniture game, you know just how much of an investment durable patio furniture can be. You also know just how susceptible it is to the negative effects of the outdoors. The good news is maintaining your patio lounge space can be as simple as slipping a fitted, weatherproof cover over couches, tables and chairs. Outdoor furniture covers provide necessary protection, and keep your pieces looking pristine for years.

Durable Design

Air vents that remain open on both sides stop it from being lofted by gusts of wind. ULTCOVER

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Wind and water are two of the most damaging elements for patio furniture. When choosing a cover, be sure to choose a waterproof one that has tie-down toggles to keep it firmly in place.


This protects your love seat with a fully breathable, weather-resilient barrier. Vailge

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If your patio or deck is exposed to falling leaves, pollen or other debris, you can protect your furniture with a cover that is fully stain resistant. This prevents mildew and discoloration by blocking debris that might otherwise permanently stain your furniture.

Oversized Protection

Its click-close straps snap around furniture and keep it in place on windy days. AmazonBasics

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UV rays don’t just damage skin, they also damage furniture—even if it’s rated for outdoor use. Look for an outdoor furniture cover that filters out UV rays to prevent unnecessary fading, wear and tear.