Three Things to Consider Before Buying Pruning Shears

Make sure only the things you actually want growing in your garden flourish.

Pruning—cutting back parts of a plant—is important for both aesthetic reasons and for the health of many plants. By cutting off damaged or diseased parts, you can encourage a plant to save energy and create more blooms or fruits.

Can Cut Large Branches

An ergonomic handle and sharp blades make cutting plants a cinch. gonicc


It’s vital, above all else, that your shears are extremely sharp so they make clean, quick cuts. Dull blades will mash rather than slicing through, which can cause damage to the plant and squeeze out life-sustaining internal liquids like saps. It also making it harder for the plant to heal its cuts. Ideally, a pair of pruning shears shouldn’t smush at all while cutting.

Comfort From Afar

Extra length allows you to safely reach and prune high-reaching stems and limbs. TABOR TOOLS


Thanks to the power of levers, you can get an awful lot more shearing ability if you lengthen the handle of a set of shears—sometimes these longer pairs are called “loppers.” They’re great for cutting through thicker branches (or even metal, if you need to), and provide you with extra reach for taller trees and shrubs. They aren’t necessarily as portable as regular shears, and can be awkward for some tasks, but sometimes gardening demands a longer and stronger tool.

Affordable And Effective

A nonstick coating for ease of use and a latch for protection and to prevent unexpected cuts. RONIX


One extremely important task for a set of pruning shears is ease. You want shears to be very sharp, very durable, and sturdy, so that they don’t come off-center. Shears are designed to be much tougher than, say, scissors: you should be able to comfortably cut through fairly tough smaller branches without much effort. a pair of pruning shears.