If a workbench is the heart of any shop, then sawhorses are the legs. They do most of the heavy lifting, are mobile, and usually help you take the first step in any home-improvement project. This trusted and versatile accessory doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive. Whether you build your own, assemble them from manufactured hardware, or buy a set out of the box, no workspace is complete without a pair of these rugged shop mates. Here are three things to consider in any sawhorse configuration.

These are perfect for times when you need a steady base to complete a project. WORX

The traditional A-frame sawhorse will get plenty of use in a home shop or on the job site, but a hybrid sawhorse-workbench is even more versatile. They provide a level surface for making cross-cuts of short lumber, make are a great outfeed table for power saws, and can be used either singly or in tandem. The trade-off is in bulk and portability, as sawhorses with hybrid features and additional surface area also mean extra weight.

Great Value

These are only four pounds apiece, so they’re easily transportable. WORX

No matter what type of sawhorse you buy or build, think carefully about the clamping potential. Precise cuts, accurate drilling, and sound fastening require a stable work surface, so the ability to lock down your workpiece is essential. Also pay attention to how close the sawhorses will stand next to one another to understand how short your lumber stock can be and still find support on both ends.

Also Consider

These are easy to store in a garage or shed. AmazonBasics

While rigid one-piece sawhorses are very stable, they have the disadvantage of being space hogs. A pair of folding sawhorses will give you the support you need during a project and stow neatly away when not in use. The main caveat on folding sawhorses is the weight capacity. Because they are articulated, their maximum weight may be less and could become compromised as hardware and fittings wear over time. But for everyday use around the home shop or garage, a pair of folders is hard to beat.