Three Things to Consider Before Buying Socks

A good pair of socks keep your feet warm and protected no matter what shoes you’re wearing.

Buying poorly constructed socks made of cheap materials is a great way to guarantee you’ll be hobbling before lunchtime. Sock technology has advanced over the last few years to the point where now it’s easy to find socks that not only cushion your feet but provide arch support and moisture management. But only if you know what to look for. Here are three things to consider before you buy your next pair.

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Socks construction can vary—and a single sock might contain a half-dozen or more materials, from cotton to Spandex, and nylon to polyester. If your feet tend to sweat, you’ll want socks made with natural fibers like cotton. If you value a tighter fit, some socks made with synthetic materials have a form-fitting feel.

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Look in your closet and you’ll likely see shoes with varying heights—ankle-high slides and running shoes, mid-high shoes for court play, and perhaps even taller hikers and cowboy boots. Most people like socks that are taller than their shoes, to prevent hot spots where the shoe might rub bare skin. If you have a variety of shoe heights in your closet, you’ll need a variety of sock heights to pair with them.

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Bulky, poorly manufactured seams at the toe of the sock are a primary cause of foot blisters. If you are prone to blisters, look for socks stitched with flat seams.