No matter how much we try to reduce, recycle, or reuse household products, there is no escaping the mountain of trash each of us produces every week, month, and year. A quality garbage liner is the best way to corral the byproducts of everyday living and keep home, garage, and garden as clean as possible. Here’s a look at some of the most popular liner bags on the market.


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Although Simple Human brand bags are tailored to be used specifically with Simple Human bins and receptacles, they are still one of the best-selling liner bags available. Their custom fit means no sloppy bag edges, making replacement an easy chore when it’s time to take out the trash.

Kitchen trash receptacles are especially prone to generating foul odors. Scented bags or liners with integrated odor control are the best way to control an unwanted fragrance wherever it raises its ugly head.

For garbage collection outside the kitchen, it’s best to go with an extra-thick, high-volume bag. A 1mm or 2mm thick bag will handle overstuffing with jagged or rough objects much more securely than a standard kitchen-can liner. The brand name Hefty is synonymous with heavy duty trash disposal.