Whether you’re perfecting a porch, designing your dream backyard or just trying to class up a small balcony, wind chimes are an easy way to add instant ambience to your home. Today’s options come in a range of styles, materials, and colors for anybody looking—and listening—for a good chime.

These are made entirely of all-natural, eco-friendly material and come in a variety of design configurations. Bellaa

You’ll want a wind chime that’s music to your ears, so consider the materials. Metal tubes have a high vibration that creates sustained sounds that carry. Hollow bamboo tubes create mellower echoing sounds that carry. Glass, stone, or shell chimes produce more localized and light tinkling sounds.

Great Value

The multifunctional design allows for sound all day and light by evening. Topspeeder

One person’s soothing melody is another person’s headache. So be considerate of your neighbors when hanging your wind chimes. You’ll probably want to keep them as far away from their windows and outdoor spaces as you can.

Also Consider

These produce deep, soothing tones to match the subdued design. Nature’s Melody

If you like the sound of Tibetan singing bowls and want to bring some of that deep resonance to your space, look for wind chimes with long, heavy metal tubes.