Three Things to Consider Before Buying Women’s Lounging Pants

Tips to help you choose what to wear when comfort matters most.

Some women categorize lounging pants as what you’d wear in bed even if you aren’t. Binge-watching Downton Abbey, binge-reading Love Belvin romance novels, binge-surfing the internet—you need comfortable lounge pants to get it just right. The best lounge pants all have three things in common—great fabric, great fit and function for a number of casual activities.


These pants are a polyester/spandex blend that is soft and breathable. Safort

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Pants for lounging have to be comfy and soft, light, a little bit stretchy, and breathable. They need to keep you cozy and warm. Fabrics that fit the bill can be stretch-knit cotton or cotton flannel, thin polyester fleece, or a polyester/spandex blend.


These mid-rise joggers are extremely soft and feature a wide waistband with drawstring. Champion

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While some prefer a tighter fit pant for their lounging, no one likes pants that bind or ride up. Draping to your body is critical, and the loungers should be flattering as well. A wide waste band is nice.


These lounger/joggers work great for running errands. Hanes

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Pants for lounging can also double for workouts or quick trips to the store. Pockets are essential. While you might wear them to bed, they’re not quite pajamas.