Three Things to Consider Before Buying Women’s Yoga Pants

How to choose stylish and functional yoga pants that are right for you.

Saying yes to yoga pants these days is not hard to do. Not sure what to wear? Yoga pants are highly adaptable as the foundation of your wardrobe ensemble from working out to going out. Choose the style and fabric and how much compression you like, and your yogas will always be in the front of your closet (when they’re not in the laundry).

Nylon and Spandex

These are great for anyone who likes a tight ankle cuff. ODODOS

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All yoga pants are tight-fitting and stretchy. After that you choose between boot-cut or flared lower legs, pockets and the width of elastic waistband. Color is often black but available in a wide variety of colors and patterns to fit your style.

Loads of Colors

Opaque fabric means no embarrassing peekaboo moments. IUGA

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Yoga pants started out as a blend of nylon and lycra and have since evolved many times so that today’s yoga pants can be made out of any four way stretch material including lycra spandex, polyester, and cotton or wool blends. Look for non-see-through pants that incorporate moisture wicking (for coolness) and odor control features.


Special technology helps bloodflow and reduces fatigue. Fengbay

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Yoga pants can provide compression for support and comfort. Because they are tight and form-fitting, they can aid in reducing swelling from standing for long periods, or for women with poor circulation.