Three Things to Consider in a Solar Powered Birdbath Fountain

How dirty birds get clean.

A functioning solar-powered fountain helps keep your birdbath ice-free, aerated, cleaner, and less attractive to mosquitoes in the summer. Here are three things to consider before you buy one.


This model comes with four different nozzle styles which vary the height and pattern of the spray. Solatec


Fountain styles range from bubblers or drip-style to cascades or different types of spray patterns, depending on the design of the fountain and the nozzle head you choose.

Easy to Install

This product works best in full, strong sunlight. Tranmix


Birdbath placement is an important factor in attracting birds, but also important when the fountain is powered by the sun’s rays. Unless it has battery back-up or can be plugged into a power source, your solar-powered fountain will run when solar rays reach it, and stop when not. In addition, indirect rays may affect the speed and power of the flow.

Automatically Stops If Levels Get Low

This model is designed to keep running for a few hours without the sun’s rays. Viajero


If flow velocity or volume are not a concern, and you really don’t need a pumping fountain at night or when the sun is not out, then go solar only. They cost less and require less maintenance. When it does matter, choose a model offering battery storage. Some models will store power for only a few hours, while others are more powerful.