Three Things to Consider When Buying a Dog Cooling Pad

Sun’s out, pup’s out.

Dogs are well-suited for many things—but handling super high temperatures isn’t necessarily one of them. In addition to his full-time fur coat, your canine buddy can’t sweat to stay cool like you can. Instead, he pants for temperature control, which can be a real problem for dogs with flat faces, who can’t pant as effectively. Dog cooling pads can help keep your bestie safe and comfortable when the temps start to creep up.

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Dog cooling mats don’t require electricity or refrigeration to work. Instead, they rely on heat-absorbing gel (and simple physics) to pull heat from your dog’s body, cooling him off. When your dog gets up, the heat trapped in the gel dissipates into the air or floor, recharging the cooling pad within about 15 minutes.

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Since many dogs chew for comfort, check that the cooling gel is labeled as non-toxic for both pets and humans—just in case your pup’s urge to chew gets the better of him. Similarly, make sure the cooling mat is durable enough to stand up to heavy use and won’t leak after just a few naps from your doggo (and scrapes from his nails).

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A good cooling mat is made of materials that wipe down easily, such as vinyl or nylon. Many dog cooling pads roll or fold for max portability, making it simple to keep your pet comfy inside, outside or on the road.