Three Things to Consider When Buying a Camcorder

Capturing special moments in your life is easier than ever.

More and more sportsmen have taken to capturing their time outdoors on video. Modern camcorders have shrunk significantly when compared to their predecessors, making this task significantly easier than it was only a decade ago. If you want to document your adventures with a camcorder, here are some features you’ll want to consider.

If you’re going to be anywhere around water, make sure your choice is either waterproof or has a water protecting cover or case. DJI

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If you spend any length of time outside you’re eventually going to run into some weather. Most camcorders are designed for indoor use, so you’ll be forced to stash them on the wet days. Or, you can purchase a rugged model that shrugs off water. But if you’d prefer a traditional camcorder, there are waterproof covers available.

Has image stabilization to help smooth out the shaky, rough scenes. Canon

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Moving quickly through the woods or on the water can lead to shaky footage. To combat this, companies have developed solutions with varying degrees of success. Most camcorders have some form of internal stabilization that can smooth out footage some, but if you’re anticipating some serious jostling consider a model with mechanical stabilization. A gimbal takes the bounces out of the roughest rides.

Simple touchscreen controls and extremely high-quality video. GoPro

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You’ll need to consider where you’d like to mount your camera. Almost all camcorders come with the industry standard ¼-20 threaded insert for use with a tripod, which opens up all sorts of camera setup options. There are even arms available that mount to trees to get footage while you’re in a treesstand. But if you’re going to be mobile, consider one of the camcorders designed to be worn, like a GoPro. Most of these are so small and light you won’t even notice them there.