Believe it or not, sandals are one of the most highly evolved types of footwear on the market. Modern models can handle just about every environment whether it be water, sand, and mucky stream bottoms, and they still clean up easily so you can wear them out to dinner. Through the warmer months, sandals are appropriate for all but the most buttoned-up events. Convinced to set the tootsies free? Here are three things to consider when choosing men’s sandals.

A cushioned footbed makes this pair a great choice for light exercise. NORTIV 8

Even the most easy-going beach sandal can provide arch support and a comfortable footbed. Look for molded arches that fit under the midpoint of the foot, and high-density midsoles that protect feet from sharp objects. Check to make sure straps are long enough to completely cover hook-and-loop closures, which can cause blisters if they rub against your skin.

This pair can handle the most extreme aquatic environments. KEEN

Sandals are great for giving your feet a sense of freedom but express that freedom anywhere other than the beach or sidewalk and you’ll need to think about protecting toes. If you’ll be hiking, wading, or walking anywhere off the beaten track, look for hard rubber toe boxes that shield feet from rocks and sticks.

Tons of cushioning in the soles of these lightweight wonders make them a great choice for all-day wear. Skechers

It’s a good bet your sandals will land in the water at some point, so make sure beach sandals have waterproof materials, with synthetic straps that won’t stretch or shrink after repeated dunking. Also, forgo metal snaps or hooks, which will rust or corrode in a jiffy.