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Like it or hate it, these days a guy has to carry his work laptop with him nearly everywhere he goes—even to deer camp, in some cases. That fact has led to availability of a wide array of laptop carrying choices, and backpacks are arising as the most popular. Unfortunately, all laptop backpacks are not created equal, making selecting one somewhat difficult. When shopping for a laptop backpack, consider three important factors—the size of the backpack, how you will access the computer storage portion of the pack and how comfortable the pack is to carry.

Great Value

The lighter-colored polyester fabric gives this one a somewhat more sophisticated look. MATEIN

Size is important since you’ll want a compact backpack that stows easily behind your truck seat or wherever else you choose to carry it while on the road. And you’ll also need a light one, so when it is loaded down it won’t become a pain in the back to carry. Those points aside, the actual size of your laptop is critical to the backpack you select. Make sure you know what size your laptop is (measure the visible screen diagonally from corner to corner) before buying a laptop backpack. That way you can be sure your backpack will fit in it snugly. Disregard this advice at your own peril. Few things are more aggravating than ordering a laptop backpack only to get it and find out your laptop won’t fit in it!

The polyester fiber material is high-density and tear-resistant, and the design incorporates plenty of mesh for breathability. Nubily

Backpacks generally come in two access configurations—zippered and top-load. Zippered backpacks usually have several different compartments instead of a single large one and are great for keeping many objects separated and organized. The zippered openings are typically larger, and most are accessible from the sides and top because of that, instead of only from the top. Top-load laptop backpacks generally are accessible from a wide, sometimes cinchable opening at top. They are preferred by people who like a large single compartment that will hold a variety of items, rather than being compartmentalized like many of the zippered backpacks. Most people prefer one or the other of these styles, so pick the kind you like best and that works best for you in the other backpacks you have owned.

Also Consider

This one features a comfortable airflow back design with thick, soft multi-panel ventilated padding. Volher

Comfort is a very important factor in most types of backpack, and laptop packs are no exception. If your backpack isn’t comfortable, you’re more likely to leave your laptop at home or carry it loose where it can easily be damaged or destroyed. Of course, neither of those options are good ones. Even if you aren’t the kind to really load down your backpack, there will likely be times when you load it quite heavily, so comfortable, adjustable straps are a must. In warm weather, a mesh covering that sits between you and the pack can help you perspire less, adding to your comfort. Luggage suitcase straps for attaching your backpack securely to your rolling luggage when traveling are also great as they allow you to pull all of your luggage together while saving your shoulders for a different time.