Three Things To Consider When Shopping For A Cordless Drill

A good cordless drill can make many tasks—both large and small—much easier and less time-consuming.

If you’ve ever come to blows with a partially stripped screw that didn’t want to budge or needed to drill a hole somewhere that your extension cord wouldn’t quite reach, you know just how great a cordless drill can be. But choosing a cordless drill isn’t always easy, given the many different types, sizes and other features. When shopping for a cordless drill, consider three important factors—how powerful of drill you’ll need, how you will use your drill and what special features you might like your drill to have.

Get The Job Done

This model delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power to complete a wide range of applications. DEWALT

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If your cordless drill is going to spend 99% of its time in a utility room cabinet or in your toolbox, only coming out to put a screw in a piece of wood now and then, power probably isn’t a big factor in your selection. But if you are going to be using your drill a lot, especially for commercial applications, a powerful drill is a must-have tool. For cordless drills, power is measured in battery voltage. Top power typically ranges from 10 to about 20 volts, with higher voltage being more powerful. Note that as you move up in power, you also generally move up in weight of the tool, making it a little harder to use. So, find the right compromise of power and weight to make a good selection.

Ergonomic Handle

This model has two speeds (450 and 1,500 rpm) for a range of fastening and drilling applications. DEWALT

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Like the power category, how you will use your drill will also affect your purchase decision. If you’re only going to be hanging a picture now and then, or maybe doing a small construction project like a doghouse, an expensive, industrial type drill is overkill for you. Conversely, if your drill/driver goes with you on a daily basis and sees use nearly hourly, you should spring for a higher power, higher end cordless drill made for such applications. In between those two extremes are typical homeowners who use their drill once every week or so. Fortunately for that group of people, there are plenty of drills in the middle range of price and power to fulfill their needs. Typically, however, buying the best drill you can afford is a good plan, regardless of expected usage.

Handle Any Job

This option comes with attachments for convenience and efficiency. BLACK+DECKER

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Special Features

Buying a cordless drill isn’t as simple as just buying a cordless drill anymore. The variety of special features or extra accessories that come along with a cordless drill should also play a role in your purchasing decision. Many drills come with handy carrying cases that are great for storage and transport. Others feature a light that makes drilling a hole or setting a screw simple, even in a dark corner. Still others come in two-packs with a nut driver, or with an extra battery or two. Some even include a number of accessories like drill bits, screwdriver tips and other handy items. Once you’ve considered power and usage to narrow down your selection, check the remaining drills you are considering for special features that might make one of them your best choice.