Three Things to Help You Make Your Best Pizza Ever

A home-baked pizza is one of the joys of life and having the right equipment can make preparing one easier than ever.

If baking your own pizza from scratch sounds like a complicated proposition, take heart. It’s really not that difficult. All you need is a good recipe, all the ingredients, a top-quality pizza stone and a suitable oven that will do your pizza justice. Of course, not all pizza ovens are created equal, nor are all pizza stones. Consider the following factors when gearing up to make your best pizza ever.

Outdoor Pizza Oven

This wood-fired pizza oven heats up to 932 degrees F in just 10 minutes and bakes pizzas very quickly. Ooni

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Outdoor pizza ovens continue to grow in popularity because they are quick and easy to use and also easy to clean up afterward, and the wood-fired pizzas they produce are nothing short of outstanding. The key to outdoor pizza ovens is the high temperatures inside, over 800 degrees F. When choosing an outdoor pizza oven, one of the main things to consider is size. The baking chamber is measured in gallons, with larger baking chambers requiring larger ovens. If you want your pizza oven to be portable, you’ll have to opt for a smaller one, as large ones can weigh 500 pounds or more. Note that some companies also produce charcoal, propane, and gas pizza ovens for use outdoors, but they’re not as popular as wood-fired ones. Outdoor wood-fired pizza ovens allow you to cook many other foods, too, in addition to pizzas.

Indoor Pizza Oven

The rotating tray on this indoor pizza oven turns continuously to ensure even baking. Presto

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If a big, wood-fired outdoor pizza oven sounds like too much effort for you, take heart. A variety of different types of indoor pizza ovens can also help you make a great pizza, and many aren’t all that expensive. Some are also able to reach very high temperatures—nearly as high as their outdoor counterparts. Size is a consideration for indoor pizza ovens, too. Fortunately, most are made to fit on a countertop and built like big toaster ovens, replete with a rotating platform. Others are very simple open rotating ovens that constantly spin to ensure even baking throughout the entire pizza. The best ones also have heating elements on both the top and the bottom, which help ensure a perfectly baked pizza every time.

Pizza Stone

This heavy-duty ceramic pizza stone is great for baking pizza, bread and cookies. Unicook

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Whether you intend to purchase an outdoor pizza oven or just bake pizzas in your home oven, a top-quality pizza stone is an important part of the equation. When choosing a pizza stone, the material it is made from is one of the most important factors. They are made from a number of materials, including stone, clay, cast iron and ceramic. The best pizza stones are porous, which makes them draw out moisture from the dough when cooking, helping create a perfectly baked crust. Stone and clay pizza stones are generally the most porous, making them the stones of choice for many expert pizza chefs. Note that the attributes of pizza stones that make them great for baking pizzas also make them perfect for baking cookies and other goodies—a true win-win.