Three Things to Know About Car Trunk Organizers

Never look for jumper cables again.

Back of trunk organizer
Keep your trunk clean, and everything in it organized.SURDOCA

A car trunk organizer can add order to even the most jam packed cars—and finally provide a place to put those “things you know you need in the car, but don’t know when you’ll need them.” Using a car trunk organizer can also give you the space to hold safety essentials like a first aid kit, flares and a tire pressure gauge. While you could just use a catchall bag to organize your trunk, specifically designed organizers come with car-specific features, such as velcro handles, to keep the organizer from sliding. Here’s what to know about car trunk organizers before you buy one.

Drive Auto Products Car Trunk Storage Organizer - Collapsible Multi-Compartment - Adjustable Securing Straps

For the Trunk and More

Multiple connect points and configurations allow you to fit the caddy throughout the car, including as a front seat companion or backseat carryall.Drive Auto Products

A trunk organizer is designed for the way you live in your car. Some may have multiple configurations, allowing you to collapse it to fit into between-the-seat areas. Look for caddies that have straps and no-slip grips on the bottom to make sure that the trunk organizer stays steady.

Trunkcratepro Collapsible Portable Multi Compartments Trunk Organizer, Black

Clip and Go

Multiple areas give you ample space to organize; durable Oxford polyester can stand up to wear and tear.Trunkcratepro

A trunk organizer can make it simple to assess that you have what you need on hand in your car. Consider making a basic first aid and safety kit. Bandaids, sunscreen and car essentials—like a tire pressure gauge, jumper cables and dust caps—can ensure you have everything you need in one space. Also add items for the unexpected: a change of clothes if you have kids, bathing suits for everyone if you live in a warm weather climate and shelf-stable snacks.

SURDOCA Car Trunk Organizer - 3rd Gen [7 Times Upgrade] Super Capacity Car Hanging Organizer, Equipped with 4 Magic Stick, Car Trunk Tidy Storage Bag with Lids, Space Saving Expert, Black

Fits Over Seat Back

Unit has 8 pockets and hangs from a row’s headrests, so as to not take up square footage on the floor.SURDOCA

A trunk organizer should make your life easier. Consider your trunk organizer an extension of your mudroom, allowing you to stow the stuff that you need for life outside your house. You may also consider swapping out trunk essentials seasonally, so you always have extra mittens and hats in the winter and bathing suits and towels in the summer.