Three Things to Consider Before Buying Hair Clippers

Even if your hair just needs an occasional touch-up, a good pair of clippers can go a long way.

If you (or your kids, or your roommates) have a head of hair that’s getting a bit shaggy, it may be time to drop a little bit of money on a tool that will help you keep hair looking sharp. If you learn how to use one correctly, a hair clipper can virtually pay for itself because it means fewer trips to the barber. But there are so many kits available and options can be a bit overwhelming. When you’re shopping, consider each model’s battery life, power options, adjustment levels, and even the size of the guards.

All-in-One Capability

This model is waterproof. Philips

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You never know what you’re going to need to trim. Maybe you’ll want to tighten up the sides of your head one day, buzz the back the next day, and take care of your nose and ear hairs. A versatile kit is ready for anything. Look for one that has all of the attachments you’re going to need, keeping in mind you can also use it for things like trimming beards and mustaches.

Accessories Included

This kit has multiple guard attachments and a taper lever. Wahl Professional

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If you’re going to be cutting a lot of hair, or want to fine-tune your look, it may be worth investing in professional-grade clippers. These clippers will slice are sharper than most models, comfortable to hold, and may include some advanced features like a tapering lever for smooth fades.

Ergonomic Design

This device works for up to six hours and is comfortable to hold. Surker

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If you’re not a fan of power cords, check the battery life on the clippers you intend to buy. A good pair should provide you with hours of usage on a single charge. If you travel a lot, that means you should be able to save space by leaving the charger at home. If you want the best of both worlds, some clippers work both cordless or corded, which is a great option to have.