Three Things to Know About Pet Cameras

Never lose sight of your pet while you’re away.

We all have to leave our pets behind from time to time. It can be stressful, but an always-on pet camera can help. Here’s what you need to know.

Feed From Afar

This product will let you talk to your furry friend and give them treats—plus it has “bark alert” to let you know if they’re making noise. Furbo

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High-end pet cameras have full 1080p resolution, send alerts to your phone, host lasers to entertain cats, have the ability to spew a treat at the push of a button and more. If you’re going high-end, you might as well invest in one with night vision, too, so you can see your pet even when it’s dark.

Smart Remote

Offers fully encrypted storage, so no worries there. KAMTRON

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Even with economical models, you’re still going to want a high-quality video feed. Many pet cameras also have apps, allowing you to whip out your phone and instantly, from anywhere, get a live feed of beloved animal companion(s).

Easy Setup

Stores video in the cloud, so you can revisit moments for up to a month. Netvue

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These devices don’t have to be solely for pets. They are, after all, web-connected cameras. That means you can use them as security cameras, baby monitors or even set them up to watch the progress of your garden grow. With only a single cord for power, pet cams are extremely easy to move around and relocate as your needs change.