Though the Apple Watch syncs with your phone, the way you mostly interact with it is via the touchscreen. Whether you’re checking your heart rate, recording a workout, keeping an eye on your messages or setting a timer, you need to be able to run your finger over that little square of glass. And while it’s pretty robust, a fall from a nightstand or banging it on a counter or table accidentally could land you with at best a pricey repair bill. That’s where a screen protector comes in handy.

A set of transparent, hard plastic shells will offer all-around protection to the face and casing of your timepiece. Julk

Know the size of and make of your watch. It sounds so obvious, but with multiple models and sizes available, it’s imperative that you know what you’re buying for so that you can get a perfectly fitting screen protector. Not sure? Check the back. If you turn your watch over you should see engraved on the back the series number and the size. Still stuck? Open the Apple Watch app on your phone, go to General > About, then scroll down to find the Model and check it on the Apple website.

Just 0.1mm thick, this self-adhesive pick comes with five spares. LK

Decide which sort of screen protection you want on your watch. A simple clear film protector—essentially a thin plastic sticker—is an easy option as it won’t add bulk to your watch, and won’t change the response sensitivity. It’s inexpensive, so think about buying a multi-pack, as you’ll probably want to replace them when they inevitably curl at the edges.

Also Consider

The two-tone design covers the face with clear plastic and gives your timepiece a smart black frame. Misxi

The other alternative to a film protector is a hard plastic shell designed to clip snugly over your watch. If you regularly use your watch while swimming, they’re not necessarily the best option as however snug the fit, water gets trapped between the face and the case and you’ll have to remove the case to dry the watch properly.