Whether you’re snorkeling, fishing or wading through a rocky stream, it’s essential to keep your feet protected with the right water shoe for your adventure of choice. Factors to consider include thickness of the sole, lightweightness, breathability, tread and fast-drying materials.

These shoes are machine washable but need to be air dried. KEEN

If you’re into hiking, you want a water sandal that can protect feet from tough, wet terrains while providing breathability and comfort. The webbed design of a sandal ensures constant drainage. And, with a thicker midsole, they provide traction when you’re moving from slippery rocks to dry ground to shallow streams and back again.

This lightweight option has multiple holes on the bottom for quick drainage and the elastic straps ensure it fits your foot snugly. Mishansha

If you’re all about water sports, you want a water shoe that looks like a sneaker but feels like a sock. The key is they’re soft, breathable and have upper elastic straps to keep them secure when you’re running around—and make it extra easy to pull off in between activities.

Also Consider

This flexible pair folds up easily after use for portability. Barerun

If you’re all about wading in the water for fishing, snorkeling, boating or other types of exploring, one of the biggest dangers is stepping on something sharp on the ocean/lake/creek floor. From jagged rocks to pointy critters, protect your feet with water shoes that feature an overtly thick sole but still won’t weigh you down or feel “heavy” in the water.