Toaster ovens are great, and they can do all kinds of things, from baking to broiling to roasting. But if you just want to toast some bread? An old-fashioned slot toaster is going to do the best job. Read on for some info you probably never knew about the humble toaster.

Great Value

Its clear panel allows you to see the exact level of doneness. DASH

Slot toasters are older than toaster ovens, and are more limited—but they’re ideal for the singular task of toasting a slice of bread (or bagel, or other breadstuff). They heat up only the area directly around the bread, and the heating coils are extremely close to the bread itself, allowing for a much faster toasting process and a basically invisible pre-heating period.

With twice as many slots as usual, this item is ideal for households that need to feed several folks at a time. Cuisinart

Slot toasters generally offer as few options as possible; you don’t want to complicate toast. But you may see a few nice features. A bagel setting is designed to toast only one side of the bread; defrost settings start out low to bring the bread up to temperature before toasting.

Also Consider

With a design straight out of the mid-century period, this item is perfect for a stylish, minimal kitchen. REDMOND

If you like to toast bread-like products that aren’t your typical grocery store sandwich bread, make sure to look for extra-wide or extra-long slots in your toaster. These will make it possible to toast thick slices from homemade loaves, bumpy crumpets, fluffy English muffins or any other non-standard bread.