Flip flops often get a bad rap as being too casual to be considered proper footwear, but there’s no reason we can’t turn to these favorites for easygoing comfort.

A bonus bottle opener is conveniently hidden in the sole. Reef

If you can bend flip flops in half or twist them, you’re better off slipping your bare feet into something else. The best pairs only bend in the ball of the foot. Less flexibility will give you better balance, arch support and alignment.

Great Value

These have double stitching and an embossed logo for a classy look. Rainbow Sandals

Cracks in the sole or a loose post are signs that it’s time to get a new pair of sandals. Once you start to see a deep indentation of your foot or the outlines of your toes in the sole, it’s time to wear something else. After all, nothing—not even a great pair of footwear—lasts forever.

Also Consider

Ridges on the bottom of the soles give these thongs excellent traction. Teva

If you’re new to wearing flip flops, you might notice some soreness in between your toes at first. But if it doesn’t fade after the first day or two, exchange them for a different design. Despite taking a little getting used to, a good pair of thongs should get comfortable quickly.