Three Things To Know Before You Buy A Gaming Headset

Plug in, turn up the volume, boost your KDR.

To the uninformed outsider, a gamer equipped with a quality gaming headset may appear to have a sixth sense. They react with lighting-quick reflexes and appear to anticipate an opponent’s move a split second before it occurs. Why? Because they hear more than the average player and aren’t distracted by outside-game noise. For the same reason higher-resolution televisions are optimal, clearer audio is highly advantageous. Heightened senses are what make you the ultimate predator in the gaming world. So you have a decision to make. Do you want to be at the top or the bottom of the food chain?

Four Color Options

This model works with nearly any platform. BENGOO

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So many competitive games have moved toward skilled-based matchmaking which means most matches are going to be sweaty and you’re likely going to be straining your neck during intense showdowns. You’re going to want a lightweight headset that doesn’t leave you feeling sore at the end of a session.

Built To Last

This pair is designed for comfort. HyperX

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Video games transitioned from 2D to 3D in the 90s so there’s no reason why your audio should still be limited to two directions. Surround sound accurately recreates the in-game environmental effects and positional audio game developers intended you to hear.

All-Day Comfort

This lightweight model weighs just 10.6 ounces. RUNMUS

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Whether it be the heater kicking on or a dog barking outside, any audio other than your voice is a distraction to your squad. A noise-canceling mic makes certain they hear your voice, and only your voice, so your whole team can stay focused on the objective.

Also Consider:


This pair has some of the most advanced audio technology available. Logitech

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Versatile Compatibility

This set eliminates unwanted background noise. NUBWO

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