Three Things to Know Before You Buy Zinc

If you feel like your immune system could use a boost, boost it with zinc supplements.

Many over the counter and homeopathic cold remedies use zinc to boost the immune system and reduce inflammation. It’s been found to help reduce acne, especially chronic acne, and may help reduce insulin resistance, which helps maintain stable blood sugar. There are half a dozen types of zinc on the market, such as zinc acetate used in cold lozenges and zinc sulfate to reduce acne.

Vitamin C/Zinc Combo

This product contains zinc, Vitamin C and echinacea. Dakota MixRx

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Zinc is best known and most widely used to help fight cold and flu symptoms like sore throat, runny nose and coughs. Many zinc supplements aimed at immune support are blended with other vitamins and natural ingredients like Vitamin C and echinacea. These products can be found in gummies, pills or gel caps, and powders.

Chewable Tablets

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Zinc lozenges are a popular option, but many people don’t like the taste or the feeling some lozenges produce of coating the mouth and throat. There are zinc capsules on the market and while they don’t necessarily provide immediate relief for sore throats, they’re a direct way of introducing zinc to the body.

Elderberry/Zinc Combo

This zinc product contains elderberry. Nature’s Way

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One popular ingredient often added to zinc supplements to help lessen cold symptoms is elderberry. There are many different varieties of elderberry, but the most common is the dark purple buds of the European elder tree. Elderberry is also widely used in wine making and as a food flavor. Vegetarian zinc and elderberry supplements contain no gelatin.