The Nintendo Switch is all about good times, but of course, the good times only last when the system turns on, saves games, and when there’s enough of it to go around. There are all kinds of accessories you can chose from but start with these three and you’ll be off to an excellent start.

Extra Controllers

These eye-catching Joy-Con controllers come in left and right, and can be attached to your switch’s body or used independently for multiplayer fun. Nintendo

Out of the box, the Switch is ready for two people to play (for most games at least), but the more the merrier, right? If you want to take advantage of four player games such as Mario Kart, you’re going to want some extra Joy-Con controllers. You can get a set at a reasonable price and instantly let more friends and family in on the fun.

Portable Battery Charger

This power bank crams in an impressive 20,100mAh into a slender package that fits in your pocket. It has two USB-outs, too, so you can charge multiple devices simultaneously. Anker

Gotta keep the lights on, right? Well, for long road-trips or flights, you may find yourself needing some extra juice. We’d recommend having a small, power-dense USB charger with you, also known as a power-bank. Look for one that has at least 10,000mAh of power, which should get you two full charges on your switch. You want something sleek and pocket-sized, and that shows you exactly how charged it is, too.


128 gigabytes on something the size of your pinky-nail is pretty impressive. It’s from one of the most trusted names in tech, and is XC-I U3 for plenty of speed. Samsung

It seems like every year games get bigger and bigger, and that’s generally true as they get more advanced, pack in longer story-lines, and better and better graphics. While that’s all good news, that means that you can only store so many at once. That’s why we recommended a nice, high-capacity microSD card. 64GB at the minimum, but bigger is better. You also want to make sure it’s fast enough for the Switch, so look for that are in the XC-I and U3 class at the minimum.