Staying at home can mean a lot of things that aren’t fun, but at least a guy can let the daily shaving go. You always wanted to see what you might be like as Phil Robertson or ZZ Top or maybe the most interesting man in the world, and now’s your chance. You’ll need a grooming kit, some beard oil and likely something to touch up that grey. Or maybe add some, that’s up to you!


This one softens your skin while helping to groom your facial hair. Honest Amish

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Who knew your beard needed nourishing and conditioning? The Amish, of course! Who’s more serious about beard care? This beard oil blends seven premium oils that target hair growth, conditioning, beard and skin health, and include a selection of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants for beard health.

All the Essentials

This contains everything you need to clean, groom and care for your facial hair. Fulllight Tech

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We love a kit that pulls together all you need to groom and care for your facial hair. Trimmers, brush and comb, oils, shampoos, conditioners…your beard deserves your best, and it’s a real plus to find it bundled in a kit.

Turn Back Time

The product will give your face a youthful glow. Just For Men

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Some guys want the gray and some don’t. If you don’t want the gray, you’ll want a product that dyes or colors your beard a single shade to match your natural color. We happen to think that salt and pepper look adds interest and mystique, but hey—whatever floats your boat!