It’s no secret that eye health is very important to everyone’s life. If you’ve got contacts, this may be even more the case, and you will likely find yourself putting in more time taking care of your eyes. However, even if you don’t have contacts or eye issues, you want to be proactive and ensure you never have to deal with problems. To help you keep your eye health in tip-top shape, you’ll want disinfection solution (if you’ve got contacts), drops to relieve redness, and eye- health supplements.

Disinfection Solution

Daily disinfection of your contacts is an absolute must. Biotrue

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Those who wear contacts should be cleaning them every day, and not with water. It is very important that you thoroughly clean your contacts every day with a disinfection solution to ensure there isn’t dirt or some other foreign matter that could damage your eye. Look for a solution that removes protein build-up on your lenses and that is safe for all types of lenses.

Red Eye Relief

Clear up those red eyes the safe way. LUMIFY

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No one likes dealing with red eyes. They make you look tired and that is never a look we are after. Thus, turn to red eye relief in the form of eye drops that work to target redness and alleviate the stress your eyes appear to have. Always make sure the red eye drops you’re getting are FDA-approved to make sure your eyecare is safe. Even better if the eye drops are the #1 eye doctor recommended drops for relief of redness.

Eye Health Supplements

Yes, vitamins for your eyes. PreserVision

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We take supplements for our gut, for our hair, for our skin, and numerous other things, but do you take supplements for your eyes? Chances are good that’s a “no,” but you should be. These supplements can help to lower your risk of quickly progressing macular degeneration and can help promote positive eyecare and eye health to keep you free of any problems now and in the future.