Three Things to Consider Before Buying Headphones

A good pair of headphones can block out ambient sounds and let you focus on exactly what you want to hear.

Serious audiophiles won’t be without them. Frequent fliers swear by them. They’re essential for multi-tasking professionals. Headphones eliminate the need for those irritating earbuds or pods or whatever they come up with to call them next. Clearly today’s headphone users have dialed in their coolness cards. Here are three factors to consider in choosing headphones best suited for your needs.


These headphones are noise-cancelling and Bluetooth compatible. cowin

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How convenient are the headphones related to your favorite way to use them? Obviously if you’re mobile and using headphones on the subway or getting your exercise you don’t want to be attached to anything, so wireless will be your choice. Mobile users will also want the convenience of Bluetooth compatibility, with functions easily paired with devices like smartphones.


These wireless headphones are designed for use under helmets (motorcycle, ski, etc.) and feature 10 hours of battery life before needing to be charged. WildHorn Outfitters

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You don’t need to worry about batteries with headphones that have wires that plug into an amplifier. Wireless headphones are battery operated, with either replaceable or chargeable batteries. Be sure the battery life is compatible with your needs.


This wired studio headphone features comfortable earcups swiveling 90 degrees in both directions. Audio-Technica

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Most headphones have earcups designed to fit over your ears or comfortably cup and seal your audio area. As such they offer the most focused and isolated sound and minimize external noises. Look for features such as earcups that swivel and adjust to fit well, made with material that are comfortable and durable.