Three Types of Indoor Fruit Fly Traps to Try

Shoo those fruit flies right into oblivion.

Fruit flies can be almost impossible to control, much less rid your home of entirely. They can thrive and propagate in any organic material, and only need a paper thin film of fermentation on food or drink to reproduce. If you find your home has been overwhelmed by fruit flies, there’s hope! Nothing can beat a thorough cleaning of all surfaces, sinks, and appliances—but you might still have a problem in spite of your best efforts. Fruit fly traps are the easiest way to banish those annoying pests once and for all. Read on to find out what you should look for in an effective trap.

Lures with Illumination

Draws in pests with the power of a sanitizing, bright, blue bulb. Adhesive surface permanently captures pests and any eggs. Amazon

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Light is perhaps the easiest way to lure a fruit fly into your trap, especially when the rest of the house is dark. Because fruit flies have terrible eyesight and are inherently attracted to light and scent, they can be lured into the blue hue of a sanitizing UV light. This also kills any harmful bacteria the flies might be carrying.

Gentle Giant

Uses a citronella-based film that coats pipes. Captures and eliminates insects and eggs before they hatch. Amazon

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Fruit fly infestations can easily form in the drains and pea traps of kitchen and bathroom sinks, where fermented food and bacteria form a thin layer on the interior surface of the pipe. One way to squash the outbreak is by keeping your drains clean, and treating them with a plumbing-safe, waterproof treatment that coats the pipes with a thin layer of gel that attracts, traps, and eliminates those pesky flies and their eggs. You can also DIY your own trap with a wine bottle and some apple cider vinegar if you want a natural solution ASAP.

Easy to Use

Uses purple light and body temperature heat to attract and contain flying insects and eliminates them using adjustable, high frequency wavelengths. Amazon

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The easiest way to catch a fly is with something truly sticky. Many fruit fly traps use boards that are covered in a sticky adhesive that make escape impossible. Some adhesive based traps use light and wavelength frequencies to draw the flies in, and others are just simple, sticky surfaces that you place in key areas around your home to capture pests wherever they seem to congregate.