Remember that big creepy sofa at Aunt Betsy’s house, with the hard cushions and high armrests and bulbous back that seemed to whisper, “Get off, kid!” every time you sat on it?

Such sofas are still around (and still scaring little kids), but thankfully there’s a variety of different sofa types available these days, and most are attractive, welcoming, and comfortable. Many of the most popular sofas are modular, meaning you can reconfigure them to accommodate your activity—talking, watching TV, reclining, eating, sleeping. Others convert from sofa to bed, and are comfortable, too. No more removing the cushions and pulling out a thin uncomfortable mattress that would make you wake up with a backache.

Here are three popular types of modern sofas and how they can be changed to fit your lifestyle and your living space.

Easy to Assemble

This one comes with an ottoman that can be incorporated on either side. HONBAY

Many sectional sofas aren’t really sectional, they’re simply L-shaped and have two sections. That’s fine if you only want a large sofa, but the problem is that once it’s set up, you can’t change it. Such a permanent arrangement isn’t always practical, especially if you don’t have a lot of living space. Enter the modern sectional, which can convert from a conventional sofa with an ottoman to an L-shaped sofa with a chaise. Such sofas are constructed so that the chaise can be configured on either side of the couch.

It reclines a little bit or a lot, depending on what you need it for! Best Choice Products

What are commonly called futons are nothing like the original futon, which consists of a woven straw mat and soft bedding materials, all of which fold up for storage during the day, allowing the sleeping space to be used for other purposes. But the idea of the futon remains—a bed that no longer takes up living space. The modern futon, is a sofa with a back that reclines so it’s parallel with the seat area, which can then be made up into a bed. They’re ideal for efficiency apartments or for use as a guest bed in a living area.Earlier futons didn’t function well as either a sofa or a bed, but modern versions are comfortable and have features such as a fold-down armrest.

Worth the Splurge

Pull out the hidden trundle from under the frame and presto, you’ve got a place to sleep. FDW

Some sofa manufacturers have taken the idea of a trundle bed to a new level by incorporating a section under the sofa. When pulled out and raised, it turns the sofa into a queen-sized bed. That’s perfect for use as a guest bed for a couple, or for those times when you simply want to stretch out and read a book or watch TV.