Three Watch Styles Every Man Should Consider

Whether you’re planning a night on the town, or just need a rugged timepiece to keep your pace when you’re out and about, there’s a watch style for every occasion.

The ubiquity of smartphones and position of the sun notwithstanding, the most convenient way to keep track of time throughout any day is still the traditional wristwatch. It’s always there at a glance, often with a multitude of functions that go well beyond watching the time, and a fine watch is as essential to men’s style and fashion as a well-polished wingtip or onyx cufflinks. A watch can be art, or it can be purely a utilitarian accessory. But if you only own one, any of these three styles will fit the bill, depending on your lifestyle.

Formal Occasions

The great thing about watches is even a simple clock face in black looks classy. Michael Kors

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Basic black goes with everything, and that applies to wrist watches as well. A slim three-hand analogue watch with a polished or matt-black face and band lends a sophisticated look to any ensemble.

Everyday Wear

A timepiece that keep the hour, date, and seconds on the minute (if you need to know) works great any day of the week. Fossil

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For all-around use it’s hard to beat a conventional chronograph watch with a leather band. The only limitation with this style is its waterproofness. While the face and timing might hold up just fine to a quick dunking, prolonged moisture could shorten the lifespan of the leather band.

Athletics and Outdoors

If you live an active lifestyle, a waterproof and bombproof digital watch is likely your best option. Timex

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If you need more weather security, a synthetic band and watch face is the only way to go. Digital faces are easier to read on the run, and usually offer a wide array of other functions, such as lap timers, stopwatch, and alarm.