Here’s how to make incredible martinis every time you pick up the shaker. Start with your own gin, made with your own gin-making kit. Shake up a storm with a stainless shaker kit. Then pour your perfect martini into a birdbath glass that will keep your amazing creation ice cold. Here are a few items that can help you create the perfect cocktail. James Bond never had it so good.

Pop these double-walled glasses into the ice box two hours before you’re ready to sip and keep your martini ice cold from first sip to last. Host

These incredible glasses will never break, and they’ll keep your martini ice cold from first sip to last. Special double-walled construction locks in a proprietary cooling gel. Just pop the glasses into the freezer two hours before you’re ready to pour and let the frozen gel keep your martini frosty cold. The plastic is BPA-free, and each cup has an insulated silicone band for a comfortable hold.

Worth the Splurge

This one is super easy to use and makes three bottles of small-batch booze with flavor options. DO YOUR GIN

Transform ordinary vodka into your own custom-flavored gin with this home brewing kit. The kit contains everything you need: botanicals, spices, bottles, and labels. And when you’re ready to take your gin to a party, you can carry it in the stainless-steel flask that’s included. The kit also comes with a special recipe booklet that will teach you how to make the ultimate martini along with other tasty gin cocktails.

From a leak-proof shaker to a ½-gallon ice bucket, this is designed to make you feel like a pro. Mixology & Craft

No gin aficionado should be without a great mixology set. This 16-piece, stainless-steel kit contains a shaker, shot measure, strainer, bottle, and lots of other accessories to help you shake up the best martinis ever. It even contains a ½-gallon ice bucket to make your signature martinis ice cold. And when you’re done, toss it all in the dishwasher for an easy clean-up.