Three Ways to Get Kids Interested in Science

One of the best ways to educate kids is to let them learn by doing.

Kids are inherently curious, which makes them natural-born scientists at heart. Even the simplest discoveries at school, at home, or knocking around the backyard lead to ever more questions about why the sky is blue and the grass so green. Science kits designed specifically for young minds are a great way to encourage critical thinking and further exploration. Give the gift of lifelong learning with any of these popular science sets for kids.

Under the Microscope

A compound microscope can open up new worlds to young minds. AmScope

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The first time a kid looks at even a single drop of water under a microscope, it’s an introduction to an alternate universe. A scope with magnification power of up to 1200X will enable them to see all sorts of microscopic critters flitting about in a whole new world that is invisible to the naked eye.

Electronics Fun

Kits that come with more than one project make a great gift. Snap Circuits

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A circuit-building kit designed to introduce young scientists to the principles of electronics will pave the way for any number of adult professions, from engineering to space travel. Kits that can be assembled and disassembled over many different projects are the most versatile and engaging.

Earth Science

Anyone who said science isn’t fun obviously never broke open a geode with a hammer. National Geographic

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If there is one thing every kid likes, it’s a quality rock. Geodes that can be broken open to reveal a center of sparkling crystals will capture their attention every time. Besides, what kid doesn’t enjoy the liberty to bash something with a hammer!