Three Ways to Organize and Store Your Tools

Your tools are a large investment, so the best way to extend their life and prevent theft is with a lockable tool chest.

Red tool chest
Big or small, a lockable chest should keep your tools organized, safe, and ready to perform any task.Goplus

Tool organization is an ongoing battle in any shop or garage. Eventually, whether it’s that twentieth flathead screwdriver or fiftieth box wrench, every handyman wants a better way to store what inevitably becomes a disparate collection of tools from yard sales, discount houses, and flea markets. A rolling tool chest is the best option for imposing some method on your tool madness. Here are a few traits to look for in this essential shop organizer.

Locking Casters

Goplus 5-Drawer Rolling Tool Chest
A tool chest with four caster wheels is incredibly easy to move in a garage or shop.Goplus

A rolling tool chest is ideal for moving your tool arsenal anywhere it’s needed. Just make sure that at least one set of wheels has a locking mechanism to keep the cabinet from shifting. Four universal wheels that rotate in any direction offer the greatest mobility in tight spaces.

Locking Drawers

High Capacity Rolling Tool Chest with Wheels and Drawers
If you’re worried about sticky fingers thinning your tool collection, get a storage system that locks.On Shine

A deep collection of tools represents a major investment, sometimes over a lifetime. Protect that investment with a tool chest featuring keyed drawers and cabinets that can be locked to discourage anyone with sticky fingers or those who may be prone to borrowing tools and scattering them hither and yon.

Drawer Count

Heavy-duty, Drawer 23 Tool Chest
Large tools need a large storage solution.Husky

No one ever asked for fewer drawers in their shop or shed. The deciding factor in tool-chest size is really the square footage of the workspace. Buy the largest chest that you can accommodate, and then look for an assortment of large and small drawers in which you can store both hand and power tools.