A game of neighborhood roundball is a great occasion to lace up the high-tops, shake out those kinks, and find out who really is king of the court. All you need is a level section of asphalt or driveway, a regulation B-ball, and maybe a little friendly trash talk. With that, it’s easy to set up play on a backboard and goal that has a mobile base. Or involve the youngsters with sets designed specifically for small hands and bodies. Here are three ways to get started playing the great American game on your own time and turf.

Adult Goals

A basketball hoop with an adjustable height makes it easy to start games with players of any size. Lifetime

A backboard on an adjustable stand is the most versatile type of home goal. Set it to the standard 10-foot height for regulation play or lower it as far as 7.5 feet for a serious game of dunk ball.

Starter Sets

A portable basketball base makes it easy to transport a backboard and net to any corner of the neighborhood. Lifetime

Are the kids too small for a full-size goal but too big for toy hoops? Put up a mid-size court indoors or out and get them started right with shooting practice, defense, and dribbling.

Child’s Play

A child-sized basketball set is great for developing a kid’s social and motor skills. Little Tikes

For the smallest hands, a goal as small as three feet will still see plenty of action. Throw in a few palm-size basketballs, and if they can walk, they can dunk!