Three Things to Consider Before Buying a Throw Pillow

A throw pillow doesn’t serve the same function as the pillows on your bed, but that doesn’t mean they can’t help you get comfortable.

Selecting a throw pillow isn’t as simple as grabbing the first one that you see. There are some things you want to think about in order to get yourself the best one for wherever you plan to place it. First of all, the shape. Do you want a rectangular pillow? A square one? A circular one? Second, consider the size. Do you want the throw pillow to be small? Or take up more space? Third, consider the fill of the pillow. Are allergies an issue? By answering these questions, you’ll end up with something you’ll never want to “throw” away.


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The option comes in almost any shape imaginable. Foamily

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While there are more options for throw pillow shapes than you’ll know what to do with, there are some that continue to be the most popular. The first is square. This is a well-loved shape because it is versatile and works on everything from couches to chairs to beds. Another popular shape is rectangular. These are favorites for using on chair seats or in the middle of couches or beds. Bolster pillows are often seen on beds and sofas and act almost as an arm rest.


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Size makes a difference in how your room looks. Phantoscope

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A tiny pillow on a giant couch will look awkward, as will the opposite. Consider where the throw pillow is going and what size you need it to be. The pillow should be proportionate with whatever you’re putting it on. If you’re stacking throw pillows and plan to put multiple on a couch or bed, think about getting throw pillows of various sizes to make a proper collection that looks clean.


Made Of Breathable Material

The fill determines its comfort. Emolli

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The contents of your throw pillow play a big role. If there anyone in your home has allergies, then stay away from any fill that can trigger flare-ups. Also, many people love down feathers as fill, while others find their down throw pillows losing shape quickly. Synthetic fillers are better at keeping their shape but aren’t as comfortable as down. Consider what is most important to you, and pick your fill based on that.