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If you’re spending more time on the couch (or bed) these days, you’ve probably encountered the annoying experience of having to get up to grab your drink, or maybe trying to balance it on a cushion and spilling it everywhere. Perhaps you’ve attempted to balance your laptop on your lap and ended up with leg cramps or scorched thighs. It’s a minefield! A TV tray table will change all that. Safely balance your computer, beverages, TV remotes—anything you want to keep handy.

Features multiple tilt options, unobtrusive open-base legs plus a built-in spot for your beverage. Table Mate

An adjustable tray table could mean the end of back aches and eye strain. Instead of bending and stretching your body to reach things, these tables adjust to you, letting you work, sit and watch in comfort. Movement is the key to back health. Changing position every 30 minutes is recommended—just make sure you also have an adjustable chair and stool to move with you.

You get four snack tables and a storage stand in this waterproof pack. Winsome

Tray tables, especially ones with a stylish finish and a bit more heft (like wood models), can double as extra surface area for parties. Now you don’t have to keep the Doritos on top of the toilet!

Your body will thank you for this steel-frame-and-laminate option, which assembles easily with included tools and extends to three feet high. Seville Classics

A model on casters is a nice option if you plan to use your table in multiple spots. You can move it around without worrying about scratching the floor or having to lift it up and possibly straining your back. Just make sure at least two of the wheels lock: Otherwise, you may have a runaway tray on your hands!