Whether you’re closing up a gift bag, managing pesky cords, or staking up plants in the garden, reach for a flexible twist tie. They’re even handy when traveling for securing zippers on luggage or acting as a temporary shoelace replacement. Paper-coated designs are great for closing up bags or keeping items like bundles of pencils organized, but plastic ties are better suited for outdoor jobs where ties may come in contact with water. Here are some of the different types of twist tie designs and some suggestions on how they can help you in your home, garden, or on the road.

This product is ideal for resealing food bags. Easytle

While all twist ties center around a common design theme of a pliable metal wire core, the overlying material varies. Paper ties are the most common type of twist tie and are perfect for closing bags or small bundles of items, so long as they remain dry. Metallic ties come in all sorts of flashy colors and preferred for tying up floral arrangements or party bags.

Dark colors make these almost disappear when attached to cords or wires. Easytle

Plastic ties aren’t as malleable as metallic or paper ties, but their durable outer casing makes them more resilient and reusable and a good choice for tying things that may come in contact with moisture (like sprinklers). You can also use them to repair chain link fencing, wrap loosely around the stems of tall plants you’re staking for stability, or to guide vines growing up a trestle.

This product is available in different shades to match your project. NiftyPlaza

Twist ties also work well to cinch up decorations, small gift bags, or sacks for treats to hand out at someone’s birthday or other celebration, and because twist ties are available in so many colors, you can choose one that complements the colors of whatever you’re packaging.