Umbrellas to Keep You Dry and Comfortable

We’ve got you covered.

Umbrellas were originally designed to keep us shaded during sunny days, but they do a good job of keeping us dry in the rain, too. Read on to learn more.

Totally Water Resistant

Reinforced fiberglass ribs and openings in the top prevent gusts from turning this inside out. Repel Umbrella

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Many modern umbrellas are double vented. Strategically placed slits in the top allow wind to pass through while keeping water out—no more strong winds inverting your umbrella. Also look for features to extend and fold your umbrella with the push of a button.

Doubles as a Parasol

Opens differently than traditional models so that you’re less likely to drip or get other objects wet. BAGAIL

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Anyone who’s folded up an umbrella after walking through the rain knows the struggle of putting it down and accidentally soaking anything the umbrella is touching. Some new models invert when they fold, so that the dry bottom becomes the exterior. Plus, many have colorful or quirky designs inside that are shown off when closed.


It folds to only 11 inches, so it can fit your backpack or bag. EEZ-Y

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Lightweight doesn’t mean light protection. Materials like fiberglass and stainless steel make umbrellas easy to hold above your head, but strong enough to hold up to whatever Mother Nature throws your way.

Loads of Colors

A pinch-proof closure keeps little hands safe. totes

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Why should grown-ups get all the fun? This transparent parasol protects little ones from the rain, while still letting them look up to see anything that happens above their head.