Three Things to Know About Walkie Talkies for Kids

Grab the iPhone out of their little fingers and replace it with a walkie for some old-school fun and adventure. Over and out!

These aren’t your grandma’s walkie-talkies. Battery-powered radio transmitters have gotten a major upgrade but are still the same old fun for the whole family. The latest models boast LCD screens, flashlights, and fun colors and designs.

Crystal-Clear Sound

This duo features an anti-interference function, a child-friendly push-to-talk button and a comfy ergonomic design to fit little fingers. Selieve

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The first thing to know about your walkie: channels. In order to communicate with friends or family, you all need to be on the same channel. If there are other people nearby using walkie-talkies and you pick up interference, you can switch to another channel. Roger that.

A Trio of Fun

This triple pack comes in a trifecta of colors so everyone will know whose is whose, and they work at more than 1.5 miles away. Obuby

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Let’s talk range! How far apart the radios can be to interact with one another differs from set to set, but most give you at least a couple of miles—more than enough room for kids to roam.

Bonus Items

Belt clips make sure these transmitters don’t go missing. Retevis

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Some models feature a keypad lock, which adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind if you don’t want your kids to mess around with the settings (or jump frequencies) once you’ve programmed them.