Wallets are becoming increasingly unnecessary, as everything from credit cards to loyalty cards to receipts are being replaced with digital versions on our phones. If you’re down to just a few things in your wallet, why take up valuable space with a separate item? Instead, get a smartphone wallet case that can hold what you need: a true two-birds-with-one-stone situation.

In addition to multiple color and size options; you can also turn this into a stand to watch videos on your iOS device. Dreem

There are now many cases available for smartphones that consolidate the functions of both phone case and wallet into one unit. These cases provide protection from falls and drops, just like any other case, but are specifically designed to have slots for cards and cash, just like a wallet. They’re perfect when you don’t want to fill your pockets to run errands, or to stop carrying a wallet altogether.

This slot attaches to any existing case—or directly to your gadget. Agentwhiteusa

When looking for a wallet-case, you’ll want to assess exactly how you use it. Do you usually carry your phone in a large bag, purse, or backpack? Then you can opt for a larger case, with more protection and storage for cards and cash. If you usually keep your phone in a pocket, you’ll want to make sure the case is slim enough to fit, even with the extra real estate taken up by its wallet functions.

This product uses “air pocket corners” to absorb shocks where they can do the most damage to your screen. Smartish

Smartphone cases are still essential to protect our devices, which can cost upwards of a thousand dollars (and are awfully slippery). A good smartphone case will often provide some kind of texture to make it easier and more secure to grip. That should make it less likely to slide out of your hands, like a bar of soap in the shower can.