Three Ways Great Cooks Use Cheesecloth in the Kitchen

Don’t be cheesy! This stuff is a culinary staple.

If cheesecloth conjures up images of award winning chefs and Italian grandmas making cheese, you’re not alone! But cheesecloth isn’t just for professional cooks or mozzarella-making grannies. This gauze-like fabric has a nearly infinite number of culinary uses that don’t involve cheese. From baking to cleaning to basting and beyond, cheesecloth is an unsung kitchen hero that is as versatile as it is strong. With its loose weave and super-soft texture, it can be custom cut and layered to give you the exact results you’re looking for. Keep reading to find out just how great cooks use the stuff and how you can utilize it in your kitchen, too.

Oven Safe

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Cheesecloth is ideal for straining liquids from solid matter, which is why it’s most commonly used in cheese making. However, the cloth can be used to strain just about anything you can imagine—soups, juices, nut milks, clarified butter, au jus, sauces, gravy and other mixtures. Affix your cheesecloth to the top of a large mouth canning jar with a rubber band or line a strainer with it and pour your liquid through. All of the solid bits will be captured by the cloth while the liquid easily passes through.

High End Count

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Polish easily scratched kitchen items and surfaces using this ultra soft gauze-like fabric. Heirloom silver service, copper pots, brass or chrome fixtures and antique furniture can be difficult to clean up without damaging the finishes. Cheesecloth cleans the most delicate and finicky items by gently exfoliating hard surfaces and capturing dirt and grime between the fine weave of the material. When you’re finished with the cloth, you can put it right in your compost bin! Just make sure you choose natural or enzyme-based cleaning products if you plan to compost it.

Double Layer Filtration

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If you’ve ever cooked a big family meal, you know that basting a turkey or chicken or pot roast can be incredibly time consuming. An easy way to do this is by submerging a layer or two of cheesecloth in your marinade of choice and draping it over your meat as it bakes in the oven. Not only does it save you effort, it also maintains a conscientious and even cooking temp inside the oven because you don’t have to open the door to baste as often. Additionally, you can drape it over your bakes to keep them sanitary while they rest or proof.