Sure, you can have a good old-fashioned water balloon fight, but there’s a lot more to do with water balloons than simply throwing them at each other. Modern water balloons are easy to fill, so you’ll always have a good supply, and the best ones are made with thin rubber, so they’ll explode on contact. Here are three ways water balloons can turn a hot day into a wet, fun-filled backyard competition.

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If you need a water-balloon game that works well with a group of young kids, especially young boys who like acting tough and strong, place a bucket full of water balloons in front of them and say, “These water balloons are made so that you can’t break them with your hands,” and walk away. But not too far, because you’ll want to be able to watch them test the “unbreakable” water balloons. Make sure you have your smartphone ready so you can record the event.

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Now that you’ve established that water balloons will indeed break, set up a toss. Go to an open area and have everyone divide into pairs, facing each other a couple of feet apart. One team member tosses a water balloon to the other. If a water balloon breaks, that team is out. Team members who had a successful toss and catch each take one step back and repeat the process. Keep going until you have a winner, then play another round.

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Place two targets on the ground 20 to 30 feet apart. Set up teams with their own, unique color of water balloons. The challenge is to toss the water balloons so they break inside the target. Move the hoops farther away from each other as the game goes on. Set up targets downrange—use hula hoops, a stuffed animal, or a garbage can. If at the end of all these games, everyone is wet and smiling, and you have some balloons leftover, it’s time for a free-for-all.