Three Ways Sticky Notes Can Improve Your Life

There’s a sticky note size, shape, and density for every situation.

People might forget millions of things if they weren’t written down on sticky notes as a reminder. We’d be late to parties. We’d run out of milk. We’d forget to pay bills. We’d leave our mothers stranded at sketchy train stations for days. Different kinds of sticky notes help us do even more because they’re designed for particular applications and situations. Use large, lined notes to gather contributions from a group for anything from grocery lists to gift ideas. Stickies with tabs are ideal for marking sections of textbooks and noting key facts and info to prepare for a test. Here are three other ways different kinds of sticky notes will help you stay organized and efficient.

Modern Classic

The stronger-than-normal adhesive on this set makes it easier to move from place to place. Post-it

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If the scope of your project is broad and likely to have a long lifespan, you want sticky notes with plenty of room to write, made with heavy-duty paper, and an adhesive that can be attached, removed and attached again several times without losing its tack. Ask everyone at a meeting to write individual pros and cons of a particular idea down on large sticky notes, then display, discuss, and rank. Write employee duties and responsibilities on individual notes, then assign those duties to team members, switching them around as need be. Have creative workshops where everyone must write down five new ways to increase business on five different sticky notes, then post in a public place for comment.

Lots of Uses

These large stickies have writing lines that are ideal for group contributions. Post-it

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Post a large sticky note on the refrigerator, write a heading at the top, and tell all family members to contribute to it. The topic can be anything —groceries the family needs, chores that need doing, ideas for gifts, possible names for the new puppy you’re getting. To do that you need a large sticky note that will accommodate all that info. Get one with lines so everyone’s writing stays orderly and legible.

Water-Based Adhesive

These work great for bookmarks or to call out key information. Redi-Tag

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The best sticky notes for studying are large and have tabs so that you can easily mark and find chapters or important sections of the textbook. Use sticky notes to mark pages and sections of textbooks with your notes, comments, and questions. Write out key info in your own words and note facts that will be on a test. Use different colors of sticky notes to classify different categories of information.